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Who We Work With

With a strong focus on medical devices, we work with companies who are looking to transition ownership or are seeking for financing in combination with a market entry in the U.S. and China.

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80 Beats Medical (formerly SMT Medical)

Buy-out of a company which is based in Germany selling various cardio-vascular testing devices. Main markets are Europe, China and the US.

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Skidmore Medical / Vicorder

Buy-out of a company based out of England and produces the Vicorder (a full and portable Cath. lab) that is a device measuring patients' pulse-wave velocity and performs many other tests.

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Buy-out of a sales platform which sells cardio-vascular products throughout Europe with 1000 direct customers in Germany.

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TriFlo Cardiovascular

Minority investment in early-stage U.S. based company which developed a novel tricuspid valve augmentation system which is in the process clinical trials.

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Affluent Medical

Minority investment in a company that produces structural heart implants and implants in the urology field, with a Joint Venture in China.

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